Hundreds of Smiles Per Gallon

This site is dedicated to sharing the joy of making bubbles.

Danny with bubble

This is a place to share the instructions we have developed for making and using the bubble wands and for sharing the formula we use in our bubble solution.   

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  We started making the bubble wands in 2011.  That same year we bought a new John Deere tractor which came with a "free" wagon.  It soon became the BubbleWagon.We have taken the Wagon to parades, church events, school picnics, community festivals and our local Relay for Life. 

We encourage all who visit this site to make their own wands and wagons.  Share the smiles!

Please send photos of the BubbleWagon in parades and other events or send photos of your group using the wands to our e-mail address: danny@bubblewagon.com  

We will post selected images on the photo page. Thanks for visiting and have fun!  - Danny and Cathy Westfall

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